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Pray For Us

Nothing just “happens.” We are believing for BIG things in our student ministry and we know that the more people who are praying for our services, events, students, and leaders the better. Don’t just drop your kids off and go home; make the ride home a prayer meeting. On your way home pray that God would show up and move mightily in our students lives.

Get Them There

Make sure your students are involved in a small group and part of our One Nights. One great tip for getting your students to church is to offer to be a ride for any of their friends that want to come as well. I heard a story once of a dad who told his son that he would give pizza and a ride to any of his friends that wanted to come to youth group. One year, THREE buses and a TON of pizza later, 100 students had come to know the Lord! What could your story look like?


There are TONS of ways for parents to serve. Whether it’s being a greeter, helping with an event, or hosting a small group event at your house. At CUSTOM we don’t just love teenagers, we love their parents too! We want you to be a part.

Serve With Us

Give Resources

We put on and attend some of the most amazing and life-changing camps, small groups and events around. Truth be told though, not every student who wants to go to the events can, and most of the time the reason is monetary. If you would like to sponsor a student to attend any of our events feel free to contact us directly. Your support can make a life changing difference in a student’s life.

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Parent Testimonial
Custom has become a game changer for my a single mom you guys are coming along side of me and helping to raise a child who loves the Lord and that means the world to me!
Parent Testimonial
Each Monday, our wonderful church student ministry shares some motivation for parents of middle and high school students via text. What an encouragement. Great job!
Parent Testimonial
I look forward to the Monday Motivation texts every week. Thank you Custom Student Ministry!
Parent Testimonial
Custom has captured my son's attention, has drawn him into a meaningful relationship with God, given him a set of friends who challenge his faith to grow and has empowered him through scripture, acceptance and love
Parent Testimonial
I discovered today that my son writes bible verses on his chest in sharpie before his baseball games - thank you Custom for helping my son to know that God is with him at all times and for him in all situations! It means the world to me that in his own time preparing for a challenge he knew right where to go for his source of calm and strength.

My wife recently met with the head of the guidance department of one of our local high schools to see what they were facing and how we could help.  It was disturbing to learn that they perform 1-2 suicidal assessments each week.  Either from a student coming forward for help or a friend telling the counselor in an attempt to help their friend who is struggling.  Another area they are dealing heavily with is anxiety.  One of the counselors mentioned that the biggest reoccurring issue they face is with students who are full of anxiety for their parents.


Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for Americans ages 10 to 24, and an estimated one in 12 teens attempts to kill themselves. Four out of five teenagers who attempt suicide give clear warning signs beforehand, so it’s important to be alert for indications that your teenager might be contemplating suicide.  For example:


  • They talk about dying (“I just wish I were dead” or “Everyone would be better off if I just wasn’t here anymore”).
  • They unexpectedly settle “debts,” returning borrowed items, repaying money, etc.
  • They give away special items (“I wanted you to have this; it’s my favorite _________”).
  • They experience a significant change in diet, weight, personal appearance, or sleeping habits.
  • They lose interest in once-valued activities.


Depression is the leading cause of suicide, and with raging hormones and a slew of life changes, teenagers are especially vulnerable. Some young people experience a chemical imbalance that can be addressed with medication. Others benefit from therapy or support groups, whether in-person or online.


Because suicide is prevalent among 18- to 24-year-olds too, stay aware of this problem as your teenagers leave the nest. Schedule regular phone calls (or Skype and FaceTime “dates”) with your young adults who leave home. Also plan some visits to see them, including an occasional surprise. Privacy laws may prevent colleges from sharing details about students’ grades and attendance, but do what you can to be included in that information. 


Remember to pray for your teenagers as they face life’s challenges, and keep the lines of communication open with them, too. Remind your kids that you’re always available to talk—or to find someone for them to talk to, if they’re struggling.


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An estimated 83% of teenagers consume caffeine regularly, and 96% partake at least occasionally. That means caffeine is more popular than cell phones or Snapchat! 


Some teenagers consume 800 mg of caffeine daily—twice the safe level for most healthy adults. For adolescents, 100 mg is the recommended limit. Although people often forget that caffeine is a drug, even at lower doses, side effects such as jitteriness, increased heart rate, anxiety, insomnia, and gastrointestinal issues can occur.


Many teenagers report using caffeine to be more alert for studying or test-taking. And although they may be aware of caffeine’s negative effects, few realize the levels of caffeine present in soda, tea, and coffee.


It doesn’t help that many parents supply (and consume) caffeine in abundance. Moderation is key to avoiding caffeine dependence. Great ways to curb caffeine use include parental awareness and modeling, good sleep habits, and energy replacement, such as exercise. 


Enjoying an occasional latte with your teenager or a soft drink at the ballgame is a wonderful way to bond. But if you notice their caffeine consumption becoming regular or habitual—or necessary for day-to-day functioning—it may be time to help them set some limits.




One 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee contains 95 to 200 mg of caffeine.


One restaurant-style 1-ounce cup of espresso contains 47 to 75 mg.


One 8-ounce specialty coffee (such as mocha or latte) contains 63 to175 mg of caffeine.


An estimated three out of four regular caffeine users are addicted to the substance.


Consuming as little as 200 mg of caffeine a day can lead to addiction and altered brain chemistry.


About half of people who quit using caffeine experience severe headaches that typically last two to nine days.


Most energy drinks contain high caffeine levels. (Red Bull is the most popular, with Monster a close second.)


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Chicago White uppm?rksammas Sox player Adam LaRoche recently retired from baseball following a disagreement with management about his son. Fourteen-year-old Drake had been attending games Types in the dugout and hanging out with his dad in the clubhouse.

Prior to joining the White Sox, LaRoche had stipulated that his son’s presence be allowed, but this year management asked him to dial that back. Rather than curtailing the time with Drake, LaRoche retired, walking away from $13 million this Connect season alone.

“Of one thing I am certain,” LaRoche said in a statement. “We will regret not spending enough time with wholesale jerseys our kids, not the other way around. At every level of my career, the game of BEAUTIFUL baseball has reinforced the importance of family to me. Being at my father’s side when he coached. лучший Playing alongside my brothers as a kid and as an adult in the big leagues. Likewise, it has been great to have my son by my side to share in this experience as I played. In each Eigenentwicklungen and every instance, baseball has given me some of my life’s greatest memories. This was likely to be the last year of my career, and there’s no way I was going to spend it without my son.”

Adults face many distractions that seem like necessities. Yet the only necessity is raising kids who know they’re loved and who love Jesus and others. Having the courage to make that your top priority is a sign of strong parenting.


Here are a few ways besides walking away from a 13 million dollar contract to show your kids how much you value them:

  • Prize your kids above everyone else except your spouse.
  • Take an uninterrupted day off, with no electronics, email, or work phone.
  • Include your cheap mlb jerseys kids in major wholesale mlb jerseys family decisions, such Seacoast as job changes, housing options, and moves.
  • Celebrate their accomplishments as well as their failures.
  • Occasionally drop everything at your kids’ request in order to spend one-on-one time with them.
  • Create a love routine, such as a regular “date” night, a phrase you use every day, a prayer before bed, and so on.

What are some other was you show your kids/family that they are valued?

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