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Chicago White uppm?rksammas Sox player Adam LaRoche recently retired from baseball following a disagreement with management about his son. Fourteen-year-old Drake had been attending games Types in the dugout and hanging out with his dad in the clubhouse.

Prior to joining the White Sox, LaRoche had stipulated that his son’s presence be allowed, but this year management asked him to dial that back. Rather than curtailing the time with Drake, LaRoche retired, walking away from $13 million this Connect season alone.

“Of one thing I am certain,” LaRoche said in a statement. “We will regret not spending enough time with wholesale jerseys our kids, not the other way around. At every level of my career, the game of BEAUTIFUL baseball has reinforced the importance of family to me. Being at my father’s side when he coached. лучший Playing alongside my brothers as a kid and as an adult in the big leagues. Likewise, it has been great to have my son by my side to share in this experience as I played. In each Eigenentwicklungen and every instance, baseball has given me some of my life’s greatest memories. This was likely to be the last year of my career, and there’s no way I was going to spend it without my son.”

Adults face many distractions that seem like necessities. Yet the only necessity is raising kids who know they’re loved and who love Jesus and others. Having the courage to make that your top priority is a sign of strong parenting.


Here are a few ways besides walking away from a 13 million dollar contract to show your kids how much you value them:

  • Prize your kids above everyone else except your spouse.
  • Take an uninterrupted day off, with no electronics, email, or work phone.
  • Include your cheap mlb jerseys kids in major wholesale mlb jerseys family decisions, such Seacoast as job changes, housing options, and moves.
  • Celebrate their accomplishments as well as their failures.
  • Occasionally drop everything at your kids’ request in order to spend one-on-one time with them.
  • Create a love routine, such as a regular “date” night, a phrase you use every day, a prayer before bed, and so on.

What are some other was you show your kids/family that they are valued?