Find Your Place

The best way to get connected is at your local campus. We can’t wait to see you there.

Small Groups are a Big Deal

As a matter of fact, small groups are the biggest part of Custom. The reason is simple… as you surround yourself with others who love Jesus, your faith will also grow. That’s why being connected to the right group is one of the most important things we do. In times of fun and in times of need, we believe groups are your source of friendship, support, encouragement, and even family.

Find your people

Life is better with the right friends, and we want you to find meaningful friendships with people you can have fun and be yourself with.

Ask Your Questions

Groups are a safe place for tough questions you might be afraid to ask, and your friends and leaders will help you find the answer.

Act Your Age

In both large gatherings and groups at homes, you will be with other people your age, so you can all relate to one another.
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