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For over a decade, we have dedicated our lives to introducing students to Jesus Christ, and helping them “Find their place”, “Grow their faith”, and to “Make a difference” with their lives.  Our heart here at Custom is to affirm to each student that they have a place to belong and grow in relationship with each other and most importantly their relationship with Christ.

As parents ourselves, we understand the paramount importance of crating an environment where students can experience firsthand, the life-changing cheap jerseys principles of Jesus Christ in their own lives.  Custom exists to encourage students to BE AN EXAMPLE and “Make a difference” for Christ in their lives and to those watching.

We strive Guantes to relate 10-минут-отборных-приколов-для-взрослых the word of God to each student in a very real and practical way.  With multiple service locations, times and teaching venues, we truly are ONE student ministry across multiple campuses.

We truly believe that God has an amazing plan for you, your student, and your entire family.  Our genuine desire is to PARTNER WITH YOU to accomplish the incredible, cheap mlb jerseys and often times, daunting task, of equipping and preparing your students for life and a lasting faith.

On behalf of ALL of the campus youth wholesale mlb jerseys ministers and volunteers that make Custom happen, THANK YOU SO MUCH for considering Custom Student Ministries for your student.  If you have any questions, Greenville, please don’t hesitate to email us

Jon and Kelli Hohm